UbXess LTD Open Source Solutions Architects

Company Profile 

UbXess LTD is a software, systems and IT consulting company with specialization in open source solutions, virtualization, cloud based solutions, and system reliability engineering.  

UbXess team comprise seasoned professionals with experience in system reliability engineering,  system software development, integration, system architecture, and product management. 

UbXess offers consulting, analysis, mentoring, software development, and training services for a variety of open-source and cloud based technologies. 

UbXess consultants help customers to identify technology needs and choose an appropriate technology solution. We support the implementation phase of the IT life cycle, including proof of the concept creation, custom application development and software package implementation.

Since 1996 we have been serving professional clients in Israel and abroad, with customers in government, military, high-tech, education, medical and other industries.


Our current and former customers include Checkpoint, SAP Labs, Comverse, Visonic, NESS, RAFAEL, Emblaze/ELSE, EPOS-PS, Optibase, Dip-tech, Intel, SanRad, NSC Speech, Yael, NDS, Tadiran Telecom, Telrad Networks, Diligent (IBM), EMC^2, Exanet (Dell), RadVision, RadWare, IBM, IDF, Israeli Airports Authority, VCON, Vocaltec, Store-Age (LSI), Partner (Orange), Siliquent (Broadcom), Syte GmbH (Switzerland).

General Services Overview


  • System Reliability 
    • Product and System Architecture Analysis
    • Design and Code review 
    • System Performance Analysis, Capacity Planning
    • System / kernel crash and freeze analysis and resolution 
    • System Security Architecture Analysis
    • Critical failures and root cause analysis 
  • Software Development
    • Rapid proof of the concept implementations 
  • Product Management 
    • technical pre-/post- sales support 
    • product requirements definition  

Software Development

  • Linux/UNIX system software development using C/C++/Python
  • Device drivers development
  • Embedded BSP development (uboot customizations for ARM based boards)
  • Software porting to/from Linux, Solaris, Windows, VxWorks, Apple OS X

OSS/Linux Based Systems Design, Development, Deployment and Administration

  • Development of customized Linux distributions ( based on RHEL and SUSE ) 
  • Design and Deployment of Linux/OSS based application servers like Web, SVN, Bugzilla, CRM, Wiki, Asterisk, etc
  • Design, deployment and maintenance of:
    • Linux based Clusters, including HA (High Availability) and load balancing 
    • Virtualization solutions based on parallels, vmware, xen, kvm
    • Google apps based sites 

Training - we provide following on-site workshops

  • Advanced System Programming in the Linux / UNIX environment
  • Linux Kernel and Device Drivers Workshop
        Also available upon special request: 
  • Linux Shell Scripts Programming workshop
  • Advanced topics in Linux Administration and Customization

Contact Information 

For additional information about our services please contact us via  

    info [@] ubxess [.] com



We always welcome the opportunity to contribute our knowledge to help our customers conducting their business faster, better and more effectively. We are determined to fulfill and to exceed our customers expectations through innovation, team work and combination of excellent blend of product knowledge, experience and commitment to the customer.


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